The technological parts were disjointed
Just like my brain at the start of the day
Attempting to move faster than bodies and screens allow
Only leads to palpitations
And nobody wins that game
Nothing exists until it’s on Facebook
And has one of my faces attached
My new set list is longer than the road it took to get here
But without the psychological torture
My biology is not my biography
Neither are my words
Since their boa constrictor grip
Cuts me off at the surface
I go much deeper than that
At the exact moment of expressing
My inability to mark the gift of his life
With a gift from my heart
I realised that I could
He now holds my shadow in his hands
Thirty-two years of the same blood
Has not prepared him for this
Reconnecting with the man who loved me
When I didn’t even love myself
Was like finding the puzzle piece I thought was missing
But it was just underneath my bed
The bruised little boy bounds in and out
Of the sanctuary of my awareness
He’s allowed to now
But he wasn’t before
Every inch of my affection is his
The drop of a hat is the apocalypse
She can wail exactly all she wants
My attention is only owned by my choices
I choose to direct it inside
Where her screams cannot survive
And it stops.

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