Suck my blood if you want to
I can grow it back,
Mother fucker.
My nails have half grown back –
Half yellow,
Half black.
Dead and fresh.
Trying to scavenge out of the basket:
There’s more luck in the bucket.
I found one worthy of smoking.
Lighting the wrong side is right sometimes
Even though it may kill me.
I don’t want to play the rules anymore,
They played me all my life
Like tongues turning me into
The tunnels I perceive to be dreams.
I’ll get that mermaid tail for her
Not the one that makes her drown
And I refuse to participate in your orgy
Even in my nightmares.
There are things to be scared of
If you choose them.
There’s humor in her voice
As well as her plain face.
She exposes her neck for your pleasure
But you didn’t know it was really
For her.
The rim of my glass is warm,
I won’t apologise for that.
Take your appetite and lose it,
I won’t be your meal tonight.

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