This itch will not leave
My allergy to emptiness pecks at me
Every click I make is desperate
Every peaceful breath a lie
I thought the trees were talking
Then I realised I was crazy
Nothing speaks to those who are asleep
I thought the magpie had a message
But it was just trying to kill me
Sometimes things are not so complicated
My fear of being afraid
Masquerades as serenity
As I venture over the tree-lined bridge
That looks like it’s made of trash
I come out the other side drenched in contradictions
Most things are not relevant
When you really think about it
There is no Self
There is no death
Who do I think I am?
Whatever it is that I am is jumping out of its skin
Microdose me until I turn green
I will even smoke the dirt that it came from
If there is no such thing as lack
Why do I have nothing?
Totality is bullshit when your stitches are bleeding
Fuck spiritual laws like you’re gagging for it
Peel the scabs off and bathe in crystalline
Why do I fuck nature like a bitch?
This storm feels like a brick in my chest
Burn this world to the ground
I’ve been to the other side and it is better
Every one of your thoughts is a lie
You bring out the rage in me
And it’s looking for somewhere to live
Scream until your stitches bleed.

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