I have one hundred faces and I wear all of them
Quite often at the same time
My only crime is not being able to show them all at once
Those who think they know me conveniently forget that I was a cunt
In 15 of my previous lives

I strive to overcome the toxicity that streams throughout my lineage
But it’s hell to remove the base of a limestone concrete pyramid
It’s hell to filter shit when I’m the one who has been giving it

And when my compassion reaches a peak
And rivers fall from my eyes
I can’t disguise the fact that I’m allowed to speak and wonder whether my words are lies

I wonder whether my world is a lie
The amygdala in my reptilian section exhales a breath of relief
When the idea that every inch of fear is simply the domino effect of belief

And if networks can alter the rate at which my afflictions altercate
Then I am the one who’s running this fancy, sparkling charade
As I hurtle throughout space
As each of my eye-openings change the numerical date

But for someone with one hundred faces
All of this means nothing
All of this is mind-blowing for just a little while
All of this will not make sense until all faces reconcile.


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