Sometimes I shiver when you speak
when our knowing eyes
Even without words
I know you
for your body
sends messages only
the finely-tuned can hear.
The fibres in my being
caught fire when
they felt you.
The same fire
that consumes you.
I know you feel it too
I can taste it in your words
as they drip down
your mouth into mine.
We are of the same
The same yearning
our skeletons,
our skeletons
ambivalently holding
vitality and deadness.
And deadness.
And it’s our descent into
the blackness
of the abyss
that binds us
for craving nothingness
is longing for oneness.
And I want oneness
with you.
Yes, our fibres are alight
set by parallel experiences,
set by the seeing
of the black hole
of our own soul.
The distance from
the end of the void
to the tip of the flame –
You took alienation away from me
and gave me ecstasy instead.
And so
we let go
of trying to be
something other than what we are.
Our Selves seeping out
of every pore
the glitter and the decay
dancing together
as though differences do not exist.
I stand naked before you
sparkling and rotten.
The fluxropes
exploding from my eyes
reach as far ahead
as they do back
but there is a single link
that flickers
somewhere out in front of me –
a solitary section
of impermanence
that needs to be solid.
I know that everything is impermanent
and nothing is solid.
Is the solidity we both ache for
nothing but a psyche-deep myth
casting illusions of consistency?
Life is an illusion of consistency!
But love is not so!
Love is beyond
illusion, delusion
and myth.
It is the core of all that exists.

One thought on “SHIVER

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  1. one of my fav’s, when i first heard this, i thought that the ‘we’ was actually you, a poem to yourself, the line “And I want oneness with you” made me think of my own desire to know myself, to know the ‘One’ to be whole again. Amazing poem and your so right, life is an illusion of consistency, but love is not.

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