Let the inferno in your chest
guide everything thing that you do.
Despite what other people say.
Regardless of whether or not they label you as absolutely fucking insane.
Know, really know that there are no boundaries to existence and what you can create.
Feel every moment of it.
From the blood-curdling screams that come from the core of the cesspool in your guts
To the most intense love for the spider web in the corner of the bathroom that no one will ever notice. Ever.
Love the fucking shit out of yourself.
Right fucking now.
You fucking deserve it.
Even if the whole goddamn fucking world abandons you.
Love the fucking shit out of everyone else too. Now.
Even when they abandon you.
Especially when they abandon you.
You are the same entity.
The idea of separation only exists so humans can make some sense of this crazy fucked up mess of a beautiful universe.
Love the man you want. Hard.
Even if he doesn’t love you back.
Let him be free.
Be free yourself.
Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you are less than the personification of Love.


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