keep an eye on this frenzy

keep the light on this crumbling

of the knees

while the sun lights up every synapse

and every spark in between


claw at me



complete the last steps

of the puzzle piece


repeat nothing

be everything


your value judgements

mean nothing to me

at least my immature, novice style

is mine


ejaculate in slow motion

so I can catch it in my view


no more coherent clues

it is all just a shambles

and a game

that I agreed to play


what the fuck do I need?

who the fuck do you think you are,

Mr Mirror of my dreams?


keep an eye on this frenzy

prompt me

or I have nothing

but I had nothing anyway

at the same time that I had everything


everything I try to hold

unfolds into oblivion

and then returns


stop eating my needs away,

dear ego


stop injecting infections

deep into my marrow

or don’t


vomit up the blood

and the cum

that you try to censor

but who are you trying to protect

when everything is just you projected?


keep an eye on this fucking frenzy

it might teach you something.







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