Blank slates stretch across
where obstructions once lived –
augmenting the scenery,
nullifying the voices
of the dreary and dead.

This fogless day peeks
at the way nothingness unfolds –
there are no proposals
and expectations
built beneath its glass.

Penetrate my pristine pupils
and tell me what they hold
for it is now that I do not know
and now is all that can ever be known.

Desire died when frenzies lifted
their cemented lies
leaving only unutterable questions
and cutting into bones.

Consecrate my monotone way
as though silence is all I have to say
as though absence is the price
that presence has to pay.

Offer up chalices of time,
conjure my flesh to be bare –
reminiscences of the one grand, flickering design

how can I be gone
when I wasn’t even there?


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