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I recently started documenting each one of my days through poetry, making my daily posts a journal of sorts. You will also find my other work here so feel free to explore. Your perspectives of my work are welcomed, I would love to know how you respond to what I create.

My intimate relationship with poetry began 18 years ago. This long-term relationship acted primarily as a method to stave off suicide, sometimes as a way to express love and question existence, always as a means to understand myself. After discovering absurdism and existentialism I now view suicide as an important philosophical question rather than a potential escape from a seemingly endless amount of suffering.

A life-long devotee of self-exploration and understanding, my search for truth involves delving into the depths of my dark side which inevitably led to a relatively brief stint as a nihilist. Unable to tolerate the hopeless and disorienting nothingness that nihilism brings, I sought answers from Friedrich Nietzsche whom I credit with changing my life. His teachings encouraged me to define my own values and find my own meaning rather than continuing the search for elusive objective truths.

Many dark and confronting questions swim around my unusual mind: Does the complete acceptance of death lead to a full and vibrant life? Is reproducing a form of abuse? Do thoughts create reality? Is trying to be different to what you are an anxiety-provoking waste of time? Do parallel universes exist? Is ignorance bliss? Will anyone read my book? Is it possible for anyone to ever really know anything?

I also like puppies, 2Pac and dancing in public.

I hold a degree in criminology and criminal justice, I’m currently completing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in psychology and philosophy and I’m a regular participant and supporter of the spoken word community in Melbourne, Australia.

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