Hollow blocks of ivory
hang by the nerve inside my head.
The absence of blood
suggests a healing already completed.
Picking out the remains
feels like the death of things long dead.
Despite the loss of once-fixed pillars
I fail to feel defeated.
A shift of view reveals what lies
right at the back underneath red skin.
A tiny town of glowing white
circling a mastermind of strategy.
Their advance is monomaniacal
marching composed in a synchronized grin.
Filling up the empty trenches
without the hint of decay or cavity.
My laugh is one of knowing
the war has for now been laid to rest.
Thirty-two entrenched reinforcements chant
“There is no such thing as powerless.”


I think I will sleep this day away
All of the others have made a slave of my name

Blue follows me like it’s the colour of my blood
I can’t stand being in the same room as myself

Sometimes I dive into cesspools
Made of vomit and broken glass
Just to know what it feels like

Fuck the structure of my own expectations
Their arbitrary nature scrapes my dead skin

I watched him eat my blood in my dreams
Then I watched him mean nothing to me

Awakening is a bitch on a leash
When you are trying

This lucidity is not even real
Steal my illusions and cram them into a box made of knives

Rinse and repeat

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