Heel to toe
and toe to heel
where the feather-lined shore
meets the crystal ripples.

Saturated, sandy cuffs
of denim
seem like the most ridiculous
of concerns

when the rock face
is communicating with me.

When I,
a solitary animal,
combine my flesh
with the wind and
layers of the atmosphere.

Things that are usually wrong
become nothing
and things that are usually right
become irrelevant.

Words and perspectives
can’t catch onto me,
don’t latch onto my ribcage.

All of it free flows
through me

until boredom flings me
up and out
down and around.

I do bore easily

until the mould on the bricks
glow green
and the web stretching across
looks back at me.

I see the outlines of everything

and I know there is no such thing
as outside.

I infuse the best versions of everyone
to become the best version of me.

I own this entire place,
I put on a show for the celebration
as the headlights light my stage.

My inner children are held
for the frustrations they
drill into me

I scream them out of
the right corner of my mind
wrapped in the gentle blanket
of love and adoration.

Everything responds to me.

Everything is part of me.

I am free to be
any fucking thing
that I wish to be.

I orgasm the universe
through my nervous system
on my knees.

I lay my body down
among the trees
and cry at the sight
of the curvature
of the leaves.

They speak to me.

I try to conjure
the most perfect configuration
of molecules
that I have ever imagined

but I can only do it in my dreams

for now.

Maybe it’s closer
after the screams.

Maybe my heart burst
open when I realised
that I will now see

like this



Sometimes my nerves hurt
when they sense that what
is in front of me,
inside of me
comes from the domino
that fell next to the tree
in a village in Chile.

This chain reaction
sets in motion a chemical infraction
in my brain as branches fade
when they are no longer needed.

Just keep on breathing,
just make sure my heart’s still beating.

The noise of expansion
pounds onto my drums
infusing underneath the boards
of electrical fabric.

Set my dial to the tune
of the living end
where all that is seen
all that is felt
is the interplay between
order and chaos

solidity and fluidity
lucidity and boundlessness –
where nothing claws
at my diaphragm

I am triggerless.


Let the inferno in your chest
guide everything thing that you do.
Despite what other people say.
Regardless of whether or not they label you as absolutely fucking insane.
Know, really know that there are no boundaries to existence and what you can create.
Feel every moment of it.
From the blood-curdling screams that come from the core of the cesspool in your guts
To the most intense love for the spider web in the corner of the bathroom that no one will ever notice. Ever.
Love the fucking shit out of yourself.
Right fucking now.
You fucking deserve it.
Even if the whole goddamn fucking world abandons you.
Love the fucking shit out of everyone else too. Now.
Even when they abandon you.
Especially when they abandon you.
You are the same entity.
The idea of separation only exists so humans can make some sense of this crazy fucked up mess of a beautiful universe.
Love the man you want. Hard.
Even if he doesn’t love you back.
Let him be free.
Be free yourself.
Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you are less than the personification of Love.

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